How to collect a blood sample (with video)

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Steps for collecting a blood sample for your Home Test Box Test Kit:

1) Prepare

Make sure to read the instructions from start to finish and write your full name and the sample collection date on the blood spot collection card before beginning your test. 

30 minutes before collecting your sample, drink a glass of water.

When you're ready to collect your sample, remove the kit contents and lay them on a clean, flat surface.

2) Collect Your Blood Sample

Step 1: Getting your blood flowing before collecting your sample is essential. Do this by warming your hands with warm water for at least 1 minute and shaking them at your sides for 15-20 seconds.

Step 2: Identify the ring or middle fingertip you want to use to collect your sample. The puncture site should be on the right or left side of the selected finger. Use the alcohol pad to clean this area. 

Step 3: Open the collection card and lay it on a flat surface. Take the single-use lancet and remove the plastic safety tip by twisting and pulling.

Step 4: With your finger placed against a firm surface, take your lancet and press down on the selected puncture site until you hear a click. Wipe away the first drop of blood with the sterile gauze sponge.

Step 5: Without touching the card, form a large blood drop and position your finger over a circle on the blood spot collection card. Allow ONE drop of blood to fall into the center of each circle on the card. DO NOT overlap blood drops. Blood drops should be large enough to fill each circle to the dotted line. Apply the adhesive bandage over the puncture site when finished.

If blood flow stops, use the second lancet in your kit to repeat the five steps under the Collect Your Blood Sample section.

3) Get Your Sample Lab-Ready

Let the blood spot collection card dry entirely for at least 30 minutes before closing the top flap. Make sure all the required information is on the card, then place it inside the biohazard bag with the silica gel packet, seal it, and put it into the clamshell.

4) Mail Your Sample to the Lab

Place the clamshell with your completed sample inside the return shipping bag with the shipping label affixed and drop it off with the appropriate carrier within 24 hours of collection. Do not expose your sample to freezing temperatures or excessive heat. We recommend you obtain a drop-off receipt from the shipping carrier.



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